Foto: Kenneth M Spector

Ken Spector

Foto: Kenneth M Spector


Ken Spector is a principal of, the world’s largest vegan/vegetarian restaurant and health food store guide. Ken is a fountain of knowledge who is interested in everything life has to offer, from the psychology of business marketing to organic gardening to website/graphic design.He is also an accomplished music producer and singer. Ken has consulted for or worked in upper management for numerous companies including Microsoft,, and Eco Vision Packaging. and has interviewed thousands of celebrities, business executives, and prominent vegans on camera for a variety of outlets including HappyCow. Ken represents HappyCow to the media, develops and implements marketing plans for the company, speaks around the world about vegan travel and tips, and creates videos about his travels. He co-authors each year the annual top ten vegan-friendly cities article on HappyCow which was recently published: He has been vegan for much of his life and lives a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. You are most likely to find him riding his bicycle around Los Angeles, California. View Ken on YouTube:


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